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1 lean end of the neck
2 the lean end of a neck of veal [syn: scrag end]


1 strangle with an iron collar; "people were garrotted during the Inquisition in Spain" [syn: garrote, garrotte, garotte]
2 wring the neck of; "The man choked his opponent" [syn: choke] [also: scragging, scragged]

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  1. A thin or scrawny person or animal.
  2. The lean end of a neck of mutton; the scrag end.
  3. The neck, especially of a sheep.
  4. A scrog.


to scrag
  1. To choke.

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scrag can refer to:
  • Global Rocket 1
  • A monster, also referred to as a "wizard", in the 1996 computer game Quake
  • A type of aquatic troll in Dungeons & Dragons

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KO, and quarter, call off, cancel, complete, delete, dispose of, draw, drop the curtain, end off, expunge, extinguish, finalize, finish, fold up, get it over, get over with, get through with, gibbet, give the quietus, hang, kayo, kibosh, kill, knock out, liquidate, lynch, neck, noose, perfect, polish off, put paid to, rackabones, shoot down, stack of bones, stretch, string up, turn, wipe out, zap
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